What Happens When I Come For A Chiropractic Consultation?


What will happen when I first enter the clinic?

You will first be required to check in and fill out a New Patient Registration Form. We will try to put you at ease and answer any initial questions you have.

You will then be called in to your appointment with one of our experienced Southampton chiropractors.

What does the appointment consist of?

The examination will involve a full orthopaedic, neurological and functional assessment as necessary.

We will ask you lots of questions about your pain and what might have caused it. We will make notes about what aggravates your pain and what relieves it and all the activities that you can’t do due to the pain. We will find out how it is affecting your life and the things that you can’t do that are most upsetting to you.

We will then examine you. This will involve you changing into a gown so that we can see how your body moves as a result of the problem you have. You may be asked to walk, bend and move generally so we can see what you are capable of doing. We will give you a comprehensive examination that will look at the area of pain and also other areas of your body that may be contributing to the pain – for example your feet and hips if you have low back pain and your shoulder movements and mid back mobility if you have neck pain or headaches. If you have several problems and there is insufficient time to cover everything in the initial examination, don’t worry, we will give you more time on the following visit to complete our examination.

If appropriate and we do not want you to go for more tests first, you may be treated on your first visit but this will follow a full explanation of what we think is causing your problem and a diagnosis or differential diagnosis.

We look at not just your problem areas but your complete health and will also check important aspects of your health like your blood pressure and nervous system when appropriate to your condition.

A chiropractor is often the first person to notice things about your general health that might indicate underlying problems. For example, they are often the first health professionals to spot things like moles that might need to be checked out.

For this reason, we like to make sure we take every aspect of your health into account while determining what your complaint is and how we can help you.

What happens next?

We will use this, plus anything we may have spotted in the examination to put together a treatment plan for you. We will give you some idea of how many treatments you may need but the longer you have had your problem, the more difficult it is to be accurate about how long and how many treatments you may need. Rest assured though, we will only treat you as necessary and our aim is always to give you the confidence and ability to help yourself so that you recover quickly and do not keep getting pain.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, you don’t. Although if you have any important medical information to hand that might be relevant, please do bring that.

Other things to consider

In order to examine how you move fully, you may be asked to wear comfortable clothing such as leggings for women or shorts for me, so that we can watch how you move. This will then show us reasons that you may have your pain and help us to guide you to avoid moving incorrectly and also guide the type of exercises we give you. We will never ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

If your question is not answered here

Please do call us on 023 8033 0090 any time if you have any questions at all. We put the welfare and happiness of our patients first at all times and will always do our best to put you at ease and answer any questions you have. You can always request that a chiropractor call you back to discuss your problem before you make an appointment or you can attend for a complimentary 15 minute talk to see if we think that chiropractic treatment would be appropriate for you.

Telephone 023 8033 0090

Monday to Friday 09.00 – 18.00

Saturday 09.00 – 13.30