We treat joints but also all of the tissues that help to either move or stabilise the joints such as ligaments, muscles and tendons.

We treat not only backs but necks, jaw pain, shoulder pain and frozen shoulder, elbows, wrist and hand pain as well as hip, knee, ankle and foot pain. Sometimes pain in a joint can be referred from your spine and is not actually a problem in that particular joint that is hurting, which is why it is important to have a thorough examination so the correct area is being treated.

One joint not working as it should can make you move awkwardly and that can cause pain in the rest of your body, so the quicker you find out where the pain is actually coming from and sort it out, the better for the whole body!


joint pain

Remember, chiropractic is a package of care rather than any one specific treatment. We offer many kinds of chiropractic treatment – from mobilization to manipulation, blocking, dry needling, soft tissue massage and exercise prescription and supervision. No matter whether you have had pain for a few hours or a lot of years we provide quality ethical treatment to promote optimum musculoskeletal health.

Back Pain

Back pain is what we are best known for treating! It can be caused by overuse at work or by playing sports or by poor posture.

Low Back Pain


Neck pain

Can be due to poor posture, injury or your job … and can lead to headache, shoulder or arm pain.

Neck Pain


Headaches and Migraine

Headaches can come from a neck problem and many other causes – a thorough exam will help us decide if chiropractic treatment may help you.

Headaches and Migraine



Leg Pain from Radiculopathy (Sciatica)

Is pain arising from irritation of nerves in the lower lumbar spine and can give you buttock pain, leg pain or tingling, numbness or weakness. We will find out why you have it and help to relieve the pain.

Leg Pain


Arthritic pain

Osteoarthritis is just a normal part of the ageing process – but it can cause pain. We can maximize your movement and correct faulty movement patterns to help to relieve and control any pain.

Arthritic Pain



Do you have a knee problem from faulty foot movements or poor core muscle control … both of which can be treated.

Knee Pain



Foot and Ankle Pain

If you are not walking properly it can give you foot or ankle pain but can also affect the movement in the rest of your body and lead to pain elsewhere.

Foot & Ankle Pain


Jaw Pain (TMJ Dysfunction/TMJ Problems)

The jaw can be affected by tension, joint problems, meniscus displacement in the jaw joint, postural problems, dental problems, muscular tension. Can lead to headaches.

Jaw Pain



Frozen shoulder and tendon injuries are very disabling – we can help the pain and speed recovery.

Shoulder Pain



Mid Back/Rib Pain

The mid back is the area between the base of your neck down to just above your waist. The ribs are attached between the vertebrae.

Mid Back/Rib Pain


Repetitive strain injury

Is often experienced in the forearms and can be due to the position you sit in. We will find out why you are experiencing this problem and help to avoid recurrence.

Repetitive strain injury


Pregnancy and Back Pain

Because the back has to adapt to the increased weight in the abdomen when you are pregnant, often this overloads the joints. When you can’t take painkillers to help because you are pregnant it can become very uncomfortable for many months. Chiropractic treatment is gentle and very effective for this pain and will help you to enjoy being pregnant so much more!

Pregnancy and Back Pain



Chronic, recurrent problems that just keep coming back

We also offer a rehabilitation scheme whereby you are taught specific exercises to help you to gain greater control over your back pain and thus you are less likely to keep suffering repeated bouts.

We firmly believe that no one should suffer in silence; our clinic is open six days a week from early mornings to evenings for you to contact us about your condition.

If you would like a member of our team to call you back to discuss your particular problem before you make an appointment, please do call us.