Please Keep Wearing Your Mask To Come To See Us!



As you know the rules on mask wearing are changing and there is a move to let us have “complete freedom” from 19th July.

However, we would like to reassure you that all of us at the Avenue Clinic we will continue to wear PPE and we would also like you, our patients to do the same when you enter the Clinic, please.


We have taken this decision in order to best protect you and ourselves because, of course, the practitioners work in very close proximity to you while treating which means that both of you still need to be as protected as  possible.

With Track and Trace, we do not want to have to close the Clinic because someone has tested positive but if we are all wearing PPE then this is unlikely to happen.

Therefore, although we are sure that most of you just want to throw your masks away for ever, please respect our policy and wear a mask when you enter the clinic and during your treatment, until we know it is completely safe and not going to inconvenience you to allow you to do otherwise.

Many thanks for your understanding.


Avenue Clinic Team