Mr D M

I went to the Avenue Clinic with a rowing injury to my upper back. I was
treated by Dr Moore for around six sessions.
The treatment was very focused and solved the problem within a couple of weeks. I returned to rowing and
there was then a short series of follow up appointments to ensure that the
problem had gone.
Dr Moore introduced me to a new warm up and stretching regime which has meant the problem has not reoccurred. The follow up appointments also helped with an longstanding elbow problem which has reduced the discomfort and benefited my rowing no end. DM

Sarah C.

I've been coming here for a couple of years and I am very pleased with the service.
Reception staff are always friendly and helpful and Dr Moor is great. I like her style of treatment. She explains everything really well.
She also encourages me to carry on with life as normal and is very supportive of my decision to train for a marathon. She has offered great guidance in how to manage any pain that I may experience.
I would definitely recommend her and the clinic in general.

Cheryl M.

I have always been able to get an appointment at short notice.
After visiting another Chiropractor somewhere else, I can say that Dr Barton and Dr Krir are so professional and work magic here!

Mrs C W.

I have been attending Dr Krir's clinic for many years on general check ups usually twice a year after the initial "sorting out" appointments. I have always found Dr Krir very attentive and very good at her position, a brilliant lady!

Will T.

Always can get an appointment at very short notice and therefore injuries and problems are sorted out quickly. This has been important to me.

M. Gray

While recuperating from a broken ankle, I put my back out. The friendly, professional and appropriate chiropractic treatment I received from Dr Verity Moore was superb.

Mrs O, Southampton

I have been a patient of Dr Krir for about 15 years. My back pain problems have always been dealt with in a professional, calm and reassuring way in a very friendly clinic.
The receptionists are very welcoming.
There is no pressure to return - the decision is yours!
I can't recommend Dr Krir's clinic too highly - do give it a try!

Robin L.

Jan started treating me in 1984 - I'd been with her predecessor since 1981; three-monthly appointments keep me mainly pain-free. As well as by now perhaps being one of the longest-standing patients, with the Clinic moving to Bedford Place in 1991 I must also have become one of those living closest - just round the corner. That's especially handy when, as happens once or twice during most years, I need one or more additional/'emergency' sessions, which are easily arranged - sometimes with one of Jan's colleagues if she happens to be away.

I have great confidence in Jan's diagnostic and treatment skills; I also highly value the subtle blend of professionalism and friendliness which characterises the approach of everyone at Avenue Clinic. Whenever a friend or acquaintance mentions a problem which I think chiropractic could help with I strongly recommend they "get in touch with Jan Krir".

Paul I.

I have used Avenue Clinic for some years. The reception and 'bedside manner' have always been impeccable and I do improve after a couple of sessions.
I always recommend people to the Avenue Clinic.

Pauline S.

I have always been really happy with the treatment I have received. They are all excellent. Reception staff very friendly too.

William K.

Very helpful and useful advice left me feeling much better and has allowed me to have a wider activity base.

Mrs I. K. Chandlers Ford

I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Krir for more than twenty years. Her excellent treatment has covered a wide range of injuries and post operative support. Her diagnostic skills are complemented by her gentle approach which has helped to reduce pain, promote healing often without resorting to medication. She has assisted with quality of life and mobility which is enhanced by individual exercise programmes. Her cheerful team are very helpful in accommodating, where possible, short notice appointments. A nearby public car park is an added bonus.

Mrs K. Chandler's Ford

Mrs Margaret T. O.

A friend told me about the Avenue Clinic, and I received a warm and friendly

There is a holistic approach to therapy, with careful and on-going
assessment, leading to an individualised care programme. Treatment is
carried out with full explanations by Dr Jan Krir, and I have been given
useful exercises to be practised at home as well. I have been encouraged to
self-assess and take responsibility for my own progress. My sessions have
been very beneficial and I can wholeheartedly recommend this Chiropractic
Clinic and its staff.

Margaret T O.

Julia J.

Fantastic service as always. I always appreciate the fact that Jan Krir treats me until I am fixed and then lets me come back when I need to - there is no pressure to come back more than I need to do.

Alec L.

A particularly bad episode of a chronic back problem five or six years ago brought me here. When you’re desperate, it’s any port in a storm in the hope of some relief. I got an immediate sense that he knows what he’s doing, there was no mumbo jumbo (very important to me), and I got the relief I needed. Since then I have been shown how to manage the condition, and when I don’t do the exercises he has given me to do at home, I don’t get told off. In other words, it’s a grown-up service for those who don’t believe in magic.

Steve S.

The Avenue Clinic is a very professional and caring chiropractic clinic. The staff are friendly, efficient, attentive and provide an effective treatment regime.
I very much value the skills, training, professionalism of Dr Richard Barton and without his ability to diagnose and treat I would not be able to continue in my current employment. Financially times are not easy for many but I would not ever consider the clinic's services as an area for cutback - worth every penny. I have and will continue to recommend the clinic to all.

Darren P.

From the initial call on a Saturday morning, I have been so impressed. Professional friendly and knowledgeable staff from reception through to the practitioner, have ensured my back complaint has been sorted and I will definitely be returning every few months
Darren P.

Derek C., Dee Cee Upholstery

Very friendly and professional. Easy to book appointments and parking close by is usefull

Job well done!

Clare O.

After visiting several chiropractors and osteopaths I was really pleased to find one that really worked both for myself and my son.

Miss Lesley M.

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the overall experience in receiving chiropractic treatment at Avenue Clinic. The reception team are always so friendly and welcoming and if you for any reason are apprehensive about forthcoming treatment they have a very calming influence.

The treatment itself can be a daunting experience but you are in safe hands. It is neither painful or torturous. Dr Barton is very thorough before he starts any treatment asking lots of questions that can help him pin point what may be the cause of your issue. My initial issue was that I was suffering with headaches due to an 'unknown' cause, but after my initial chat and first Chiro treatment it was deduced to having tension in my shoulders. After lots of deep massage, cracking, acupuncture and at home treatment (getting my partner to massage the offending area) the headaches gradually eased, this was also assisted by the advise to make the conscious effort to sit up straighter when working at my desk and light exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Overall I am very happy with my experiences when attending the clinic and should I need any treatment in future am very happy to go back to Avenue Clinic as well as referring anyone who's may have any issues.

Roger C

I have been having treatment at the Avenue Clinic with both Dr Krir and Dr. Barton for over 8 years for all manner of conditions. From severe neck pain after a car accident, various sports type injuries and even aches and pains brought on by something as simple as a bit of DIY - all have been 'fixed' in a visit or two.

I cannot recommend the Avenue Clinic highly enough - don't bother with a visit to the GP and some pills, just get whatever your body put right by people who really know what they are doing and get on with your life. And it doesn't really hurt either - no matter what you may have heard.

Gemma L

I have been attending The Avenue Clinic for about 7 years. My first visit was brought about by severe tension in my neck and shoulders, giving me a constant headache and making me feel poorly, irritable and frightened to move in case it made the condition any worse!!

In those 7 years I have been treated by both Dr Krir and Dr Barton. From my first appointment I knew I was in "safe hands". The Doctors really get to know you as a person as well as a patient, giving information as to how your body works (muscles/joints etc) and what is causing the pain/discomfort etc that you are feeling. I have, more than once, not had to say a word as I walk into the treatment room for one of the Doctors to comment that I have been wearing my shoulders as "a pair of earrings!!!"

Throughout any treatment, I am reassured and talked to in a relaxed atmosphere with helpful exercises to continue at home to ease / help any "problem areas".

I would, and have, recommended The Avenue Clinic on numerous occasions as I know what a benefit my visits have been to me.

Kevin W.

I'm 36 and reasonably active. I first went to see Jan 6 years ago after stupidly trying to lift something too heavy. My back 'went' and I was in agony. She fixed me up and has given me lots of great advice ever since. No question is too much hassle for her. The people that work at the clinic are always warm & friendly. Contrary to popular opinion a chiropractor isn’t painful, in fact it’s rather enjoyable, a bit like a massage. I'm proof that you don’t have to be 'old' to go see a chiropractor. If you live in the area and have any sort of back problems pop in and see Jan.

The Davies Family

My wife, Kay, and I have been patients of the Avenue Clinic for many years, mainly with Dr Jan Krir. We have found her treatment sympathetic, thorough and beneficial! In particular she has treated me for problems caused by playing various sports. Indeed, I would say she helped me to ‘keep going’ longer than might otherwise have been the case.

In our retirement we still play table tennis and do lots of walking helped by regular visits for ‘maintenance’ treatment. On those occasions that we have been treated by other members of the practice we have found them equally helpful and professional. Last but not least, we have always found the staff, including the receptionists friendly and obliging.

Rebecca W., English Teacher

I visited the Avenue Clinic last year when my neck and shoulder pain became unmanageable with conventional medication. My pain was caused by bad posture during long hours of studying and stress and I was extremely nervous about this form of treatment which I had no prior knowledge of. My fears were soon forgotten, the staff at the centre have been wonderful. Not only has the treatment helped alleviate my symptoms but the advice and education given to me has also helped me self manage my condition. Knowledge as they say is power, thanks to the Avenue Clinic, I now understand the cause of my pain and how to minimise it.

sally wrote a lovely testimonial re the Chiropractors in Bedford Place at the Avenue Clinic