bananas are great sources of magnesium says our southampton chiropractor

What IS it about Magnesium?

Magnesium (Mg) plays a lot of important roles in the body – and magnesium deficiency is one of the leading nutrient deficiencies in adults, with an estimated 80 percent being deficient  – it is worth considering how much magnesium you consume daily to check whether you might benefit from eating foods that are rich in magnesium […]

Best New Advice For People with Osteoporosis – Chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic Advise You

  When you have osteoporosis you worry that you have ‘delicate bones’ and you need to be ‘careful’ … so you do less and less to ‘protect’ yourself from osteoporotic fractures.  You may walk and do aerobics and think that you are helping yourself but really this is not enough! You should be weightlifting, as […]