Research and Treatment For Leg Pain

Research Into Treatment Of  Leg Pain By  Manipulation

Research shows that spinal manipulation performed by a doctor of chiropractic is a valuable and safe treatment option for those experiencing symptomatic LDH [lumbar disc herniation] and leg pain. People suffering from leg pain, tingling or numbness should consider spinal manipulation as a primary treatment, followed by surgery if unsuccessful.

What will my treatment involve?

Manipulation or mobilisation or both; we may work on your muscles to either increase their strength, stretch them or to change the way they function with other muscles. We may use ultrasound therapy, ice, or dry needling depending on your requirements.

The number of treatments that you may require depends on the severity of the pain and how far it travels down your leg and whether you have weakness in any muscles. This condition may disappear very quickly or it may take months to recover. You will be advised by your chiropractors in Southampton after your examination.

You should expect to come for treatment twice a week for two weeks to stabilise the pain and make you more comfortable then weekly for 2 – 4 weeks to reduce the pain and improve your mobility and function and to enable us to give you exercises so that you can help yourself.

If treatment is not improving the pain, however, after 6 weeks of treatment with the chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic, we will refer you back to your GP for referral to a specialist surgeon for his opinion or further investigation. We will inform your GP of the treatment you are being given so they are fully informed if you do need referral onto a specialist surgeon.

A disc problem will take longer than simple mechanical back pain to recover. As a guide, within the first three weeks of treatment, you should expect a 50% improvement.

At the Avenue Clinic in Southampton chiropractors take pride in educating our patients to prevent recurrences of pain. We will show you how to avoid positions and activities that can increase abnormal loading of the back and show you how to perform your usual activities more safely. We will tailor an exercise programme to best suit your problem.