Repetitive strain injury is often experienced in the forearms and can be due to the position you sit in. We will find out why you are experiencing this problem and help to avoid recurrence. The tendons surrounding the affected joint – usually the wrist, become inflamed and painful and whenever you try to use the joint for any activity it is painful or difficult to perform the action.

rsi forearm painIt is an injury caused by doing the same movement over and over again such as pressing buttons, using drills or any vibrating machinery, staying in one position for too long regularly or anything that means your body is performing one activity for too long.

The pain you usually feel if you have RSI is burning, aching or shooting pain in the area around the wrist or hand or forearm. You can also feel a loss of strength when you try to use the joint in a different way or weakness – for example if you type all day and develop RSI in your wrists and forearms, you can find other jobs using your hands are difficult such as writing, cutting, knitting – anything in fact.