pregnancy postureLow back pain in pregnancy is very common – particularly between the 5th and 7th Months. John Triano, Chiropractor, said in an article in 2000 that low back pain should not be accepted as ‘just part of the process’.

A chiropractor can provide help by advising on support belts or manipulation or mobilization and soft tissue massage, depending on your problem.  Verity Moore, chiropractor at the Avenue Clinic has a special interest in treating pregnant women and babies so do call to discuss any problems you may be having with her.

In one study* it was found that manipulation of the pelvis has provided relief and restored function for 91% of patients.

*Berg,Hammer,Moller-Nielsen,Linden, Throbald: Low Back Pain During Pregnancy. Obstetrics and Gynaecology 71 (1): 71 – 5 1988.

Another study* has shown a high incidence of low back pain in pregnancy but has found no significant relationship between posture and pain during pregnancy. It is thought that other factors are responsible such as hormones creating softening of the soft tissues.

However, if you can prevent the normal curves in your back from increasing as shown in these pictures, then this is believed to be beneficial in preventing back pain from developing. A chiropractor in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic, Verity Moore, can advise you how to do this.


*Bullock, Jull and Bullock Australian Journal of Physiotherapy 33 (1) 1987.