Myths Surrounding Low Back Pain

Common Myths Surrounding Low Back Pain (LBP)

 Myth Number 1

I have LBP because I have ‘weak’ back.

Reality: I have been treating patients with LBP for over 30 years. Rarely do I see patients that have ‘weak’ backs. Generally the longer and more significant the LBP, the stiffer, more hypertrophied the muscles around the spine appear. Will more specific back strengthening work? Will performing weighted hyperextensions improve your low back? The answer to each of these questions is an emphatic NO! And in most cases performing back strengthening exercises are likely to add to the dysfunction.

Solution: The Chiropractors in Southampton at The Avenue Clinic will identify the dysfunction and improve the functional limitations.

Myth Number 2

I have LBP so I have to strengthen my core.

Reality: I used to believe this myth so would do crunches, leg lifts, abdominal hollows, etc. with my  patients. Guess what happened? Some people got better and some didn’t. So I changed my approach and started doing ‘functional’ core exercises; planks, bridges, reaches, theraband twists? Guess what happened? Some people got better and some didn’t.

Solution: There is no single activity or exercise that causes low back pain and there is no one single exercise or style of exercises that will improve or prevent LBP. I had to keep learning in an attempt to understand evidence based principles and how to apply them to my patients. I now have a great strategy for both improving and preventing LBPChiropractors at the Avenue Clinic will pass on to you the best, most highly researched ways to help to stabilize your particular problem. You are an individual we will treat you as one.

Myth Number 3

My mother, father, great grandfather, cousin, etc. had LBP so I am bound to experience LBP.

Reality: Your relative probably had poor stabilization and/or movement patterns and so do you. Do genetics determine the shape of your joints, density and flexibility of your soft tissue, and motor control? Absolutely. You can’t change those inherent factors. You need to focus on improving the things you can change and eliminating the common causes of LBP such as stress, posture, muscle imbalances, movement education, and improper exercises choices.


Solution: Learn everything you can from your chiropractor in Southampton about the way your body has substituted for imperfect movement patterns, posture problems and muscle tightness due to injury. Then you can be helped to improve the things you can change such as stabilization, motor control, and body awareness.