The actual manipulation process takes very little time!

Having discussed your problem and examining you, your chiropractor will spend time behind the scenes looking over your case history, examination findings and all relevant issues to come up with a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

You may need a short consultations with few follow up treatments to sort out an acute problem. You may need longer consultations if you have other worries or you have had complex issues for many years and you are looking to keep pain in check from time to time.

Many factors are taken into account when planning your treatment such as how long you have had the problem; how old you are; how fit you are; how serious your problem is; your lifestyle; stress levels; your diet; time you can spend or choose to spend on exercise; how much sport you do or have done in your life and also most importantly what you, the patient wants to achieve with treatment.

For example, a fit young person with a one week history of back pain, may need two to four sessions and will never need to come back again. An older person with a long history of recurring back pain may need six to ten sessions to feel better and may feel more comfortable coming back to see their practitioner at regular intervals.

Usually you will respond best to two visits a week for the first week or two and then less frequently as you improve.

If you have had a problem for many years it means you have a chronic problem that might need more regular treatments, and more time spending with you at each treatment.  We will always discuss treatment options with you so that you understand why we are treating you and what we can hope to achieve together.

MATTHEW SAVAGE specialises in sporting injuries of all types and also loves to educate his patients regarding the potential effects that musculoskeletal problems have on the rest of the body. He uses gentle manipulation, soft tissue work, dry needling, exercises and posture analysis.

MARTIN KRIR specialises in those people with more acute injuries and who need and prefer shorter treatment times so he is the practitioner to see when time is important to you and you don’t need to chat.

The important thing for us, however, is that you are happy with the treatment you receive. If you have any concerns whatsoever about any aspects of your treatment please email or call to discuss them with us so that we can try to put things right for you. If we don’t know that you are unhappy, we can’t possibly help. If you would like to try a different practitioner within the practice then that can be easily arranged.