You Need To Stabilise Your Back Before You Start To Perform Strengthening Exercises

Low Back Stabilisation Essentials

You have probably come to the clinic because you have got ‘stuck’ and you can’t move your back without pain. At the Avenue Clinic, our aim is to restore mobility in your joints get you out of pain but also to find out the cause of the pain. This means discovering where you are moving incorrectly which caused to you being in pain and correcting those poor movement patterns.

Manipulation is powerful at restoring mobility to joints.

However, it is not possible to restore full mobility to your joints unless you have stability.

Breathing is necessary for proper stabilization of the trunk and low back.  See our post for relevant research information that talks about breathing correctly when doing certain tasks.

Poor stabilization patterns are the leading cause of low back pain.

Primary cause of poor stabilization is inflammation.

Inflammation occurs secondary to poor breathing patterns, poor nutrition, medication, stress, surgery, not enough sleep, poor posture or poor movement patterns. It leads to pain as shown in the diagram below.


Stabilisation should occur at the foot, pelvis, low back and shoulder blades

Mobility should occur at the ankle, hip, thoracic spine and shoulder

Therefore, as well as treating you in the clinic, the chiropractors in Southampton at The Avenue Clinic will advise you how to breathe correctly and how to perform very specific exercises to help you gain stability in your spine. When you have mastered these, you will be shown progressions of exercises in order to gain greater stability and then strength so you should be pain free for longer.