What is the Difference Between What You Read In The Press and what The Chiropractors in Southampton at The Avenue Clinic Will Tell You?


1) We will offer you interesting but evidence based ways to treat the cause of your back of joint pain – no hooks or sweeteners to ‘pull you in’.

2) We will give you NO nonsense – for instance, about you needing 50 treatments because your problem is ‘so bad’ – we will only treat you as necessary.

3) We will work closely with other health professionals in order to co- manage your condition where necessary to ensure the most appropriate care for your problem.

4) We will never sensationalise your problem – to make it sound worse than it is – we will ‘tell it like it is’ so that you understand it and can therefore cope with it better.

5) We will only gossip about subjects relevant to your condition!

OUR BOTTOM LINE – We will strive to give you nothing but the best possible, evidence based care and always try to tell you the truth!