Watch How You Squat – At our Southampton Chiropractic Clinic We Know That Squatting Is The Basic Form of Nearly Everything You Do!!


Squatting is both a good indicator of where you have Faulty Movement Patterns and a good corrective exercise.

The following list shows activities of daily living which involve a squat – it isn’t just for weightlifters!


  • Every time you sit down, you squat!
  • Getting up from a chair is a reverse squat
  • Picking something up from the floor involves a squat
  • Going up and down stairs is a version of a squat
  • Picking up shopping
  • Lifting children or grandchildren
  • Gardening
  • House work
  • Skiing


Therefore if you can’t squat correctly, you run the risk of causing pain – in your low back, hips, knees, shoulders  or neck.
Some of the most common faults seen when people squat are:


  • Feet pronating (rolling inwards)
  • Feet turning out too much
  • Knees coming together
  • Knees coming forwards over the feet too far
  • Hips dropping down on one side
  • Hips rotating to one side
  • Low back dipping in too far (hyperlordosis)
  • Chin poking forwards
  • Shoulders rounding


Squat as far as you can comfortably and either watch how you do so in front of a mirror or ask someone to take a photo of you – from the front, side and back. What do you see? If any of the above are happening, with or without pain, you are likely to develop pain in the future or if you have pain now, you need to be shown how to squat correctly.


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