Simple Exercises to Improve Muscle and Joint Problems from Chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic

Ageing is characterised by several changes in our body and brains ability to function optimally which leads to a gradual reduction in how our bodies and brains function as we get older – but is this inevitable and something we need to just ‘put up with’?

What does this mean for us?

We start to lose muscle mass and muscle strength.

We become prone to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, low back pain, risk of falling and disability.

Can we do anything to stop these things occurring?

Recent research has shown that we CAN minimise these musculoskeletal changes by the simple act of doing exercises using a piece of theraband – a band of elastic that acts to create a resistance to exercises.

Regular exercise using resistance bands has been shown to improve physical fitness, function and independence in older people with musculoskeletal disorders, which in turn improves quality of life.

But what exercises should we be doing?

Come in to see us at the Avenue Clinic so we can show you how to use these resistance bands to best advantage. You don’t have to do hours per week, just a few minutes every day will make a big difference.

Ageing potentially means stiffness, weaker muscles and an increased likelihood of falls – but we don’t need to just accept these changes – with the right advice,  we can maintain better movement, strength and improve stability.

All we need is just a bit of help and we at the Avenue Clinic are here for you – not just to treat you but to advise you on the best way to exercise. Call us now,  you will be so glad you did!