Lifting Luggage – Top Tips Before You Start


We all tend to pack too much ‘just in case’. Then we have to start to manhandle the suitcase to get it downstairs; into the car or taxi; out of it again; onto a trolley; onto the check in desk.

That’s five times we have picked up that suitcase – usually when we are stressed; doing so quickly because there is a queue behind us, using a trolley that has a mind of its own – before we have even arrived on holiday. Then we do it all in reverse to get ourselves home .

If you already have a back problem or finding lifting causes problems with your back then here are a few tips to bear in mind so that by the time you return from your holiday you feel in the pink – not blue!

  1. Take your empty suitcase downstairs and pack it there.
  2. When you pull the case if it is on wheels, always make sure that you lightly brace your abdomen and that you don’t twist while you do so.
  3. Buy a suitcase with the biggest wheels – this reduces friction and makes the case easier to pull.
  4. When you are grabbing the case off the carousel, again brace your abdomen, slightly bend your knees and use your hips to lower yourself to lift – just like a weightlifter – so you ‘spare’ your spine. If the carousel is dragging it away from you or you can’t lift your case cleanly, then instead of panicking and lifting awkwardly – leave it until it comes round again!
  5. Write down what you are going to wear each day and evening so you don’t overpack with things you will never wear.
  6. Do you need to take suncream etc with you – those bottles are heavy and often cheaper in other countries.
  7. If you must use the over head lockers on a plane, don’t over extend while you do so – brace and lean back using your hips – but it is better to put your bag under the seat in front of you if you can.

If you still manage to irritate your back on holiday – do give us a call – chiropractors at the Avenue Clinic in Southampton  will put the sunshine back into your life!