Knee Pain In Children – What Should You Do – Chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic Give Advice  


Teenagers – particularly girls who are active often complain about aching behind their kneecap or crackling sounds in their knees when they climb stairs or stand after sitting for a while. Others feel a ‘lump’ below the knee and pain on running or playing sports.


The knee may swell and feel worse at night or when bending the knee a lot as when they jump, squat or run.


Left untreated they may start to report that their knee feels as though it is going to ‘give way’ on occasions.


These symptoms can be quite persistent but they are treatable and the early you seek treatment, the better they will respond. The Chiropractor may need to x-ray the knee depending on their findings but they will thoroughly examine the knee first to ascertain whether that is necessary or not.


These symptom often occur because there is an issue somewhere along the ‘chain’ of muscles, ligaments or joints that are close to the knee – from foot or footwear problems to weak or tight leg muscles or hip rotation that affects how the knee functions or even knock knees – again more common in girls and if they leave any of these issues unresolved then the pain is unlikely to go away and will probably get worse. Boys are more likely to be bow legged, which can again give pain.


If they try resting for a while and then go back to the activity and the pain comes back again – that is proof that you need to change the problem in that ‘chain’ or they will not be able to recover. It is not the knee at fault necessarily but the surrounding area that needs attention – not just rest!


If you come to see one of the Chiropractors they will check the entire ‘chain’ for faults which will include checking:


  • Alignment of the lower leg, kneecap and quadriceps
  • Knee stability, hip rotation and range of motion of knees and hips
  • Under the kneecap for signs of tenderness
  • The attachment of thigh muscles to the kneecap
  • Strength,flexibility, firmness, tone and circumference of thigh and hamstring muscles
  • Tightness of the Achilles tendon and flexibility of the feet.


Treatment depends on what is wrong but the Chiropractor will discuss this fully with you and as well as treating the problem in the clinic, you will be given lots of advice regarding how to rebalance your problems and exercises that will make sure you recover for good!


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