Getting In Shape For Your Holiday


Have you  chosen your destination yet? Does it involve either a different sport or walking up mountains or doing something that your body just isn’t used to doing.


But you are going to prepare yourself for this unaccustomed activity, aren’t you??!!

Too many of us sit at our desks or cars all day or potter about not moving a lot, then on holiday we suddenly come to life and start using our bodies in completely different ways. That can lead to disaster – back pain, joint pain, muscle or ligament strains and sprains – all due to lack of preparation.

You should really come in to see us so we can assess the sport you want to do and see if your body twists or gets itself into positions that are potentially going to do damage – for example if you are going to go skiing – we would watch how you squat – do you twist your pelvis; do your feet bend enough or are your hamstrings, quadriceps muscles or calf muscles so tight that you have to over stretch your back to get into a squatting position?

Are you going to be playing more tennis? Are your shoulders up to it – are your muscles strong enough and your shoulders mobile enough. Is your spine between your shoulder blades stiff from sitting at a computer all day?

Even playing with the children more than usual can take its toll if your body isn’t moving properly.

Why not come in to see one of us so we can assess how you DO move; where you have tightness or weakness so that we can help to make sure you remember a dream holiday rather than look back on a nightmare!

We are always here for you!