Five Top Tips To Avoid Back Pain From Chiropractors In Southampton At The Avenue Clinic



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We all know that the run up to Christmas can become physically and emotionally stressful if we are not careful – and this can result in head, neck and back pain.  It is not just the anxiety of competition for parking spaces and goods on the shelves, but also the physical stress of prolonged carrying and queuing with heavy and awkwardly shaped packages.

If you think you have found the easy way to beat the Christmas rush by shopping online, however, think again!

The chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic say that far more people will develop head, neck and back symptoms whilst sitting and working at a computer for hours on end than walking round the shops!

Here are our five top tips to help yourself avoid the worst of the winter retail stress:

1)      Look around first and make notes.  Collect your shopping later to reduce the time carrying weights

2)      Balance your shopping equally to reduce spinal strain and take the trolley to the car when you can.

3)      Walk at a sensible pace, don’t amble slowly and if standing in queues keep moving – you can tilt your pelvis backwards and forwards gently without attracting too much attention!

4)      When internet shopping don’t stay in one position for too long, move regularly.

5)      Ensure that your work station is set up correctly to reduce the strain on your neck and back and don’t hover on the mouse. Drop your shoulder blades back and down.

Above all have a bit of a rest from your usual activities for a couple of days and enjoy whatever you are doing!

See you in the New Year.