Ever Wonder Why You Develop Shoulder Pain When You Sit Hunched Over a Lap Top?



You can develop shoulder problems if you spend too much time hunched over a lap top or your desk. The hunched position can reduce the ability of the shoulder to function as it should.


Your shoulder movements depend on the shoulder blades moving in synchrony with your arms and neck.


Try hunching forwards then bring your arms up sideways to beside your ears. How far do they go? There is probably quite a gap between your elbows and your ears.


Now sit up straight and do the same thing – I bet you can now get your arms much closer to your ears! This is a simple demonstration of just how much slumping can affect movement.


If you move your shoulders badly for long enough, you will develop pain – either from inflammation in the tendons, bursae (sacs of fluid that reduce friction), muscle, joint or the capsule. Shoulders are complex joints and if you don’t take care of how you move them and they start to become painful, it is often a long job to get rid of that pain … all the more reason to sit up straight as often as you can!