What Can Yoga Do For You?


You probably know we have Heather at the clinic now who teaches yoga and does massage – see her website at www.aerodynamicyoga.co.uk


I thought I would try it myself the other day – and it was amazing! I can’t recommend it enough – it is not about putting your leg round the back of your neck – it was all about gentle stretching and strengthening … just what we ALL need!!

I had discussed with Heather that I was feeling deconditioned since my operation last year and that I just could not get myself  motivated to do exercises myself. She suggested that I attend her Thursday morning yoga session that would focus on core stability and strength.

It was a real eye opener!

We started with squatting, when Heather told us to concentrate on our Transverse Abdominis muscle by tilting our sacrum down and back, then squatting with a flat back. I had done this a million times but the way she explained it was excellent and having her watch us do it made certain that we were doing it correctly. If any of us expressed difficulty with any movement, Heather made sure we  changed how we were doing the movement so we didn’t feel discomfort. This muscle is important for our core stability and we just don’t engage it enough – so other muscles take over and start to hurt. It is vital that we wake our brains up to this muscle and engage it first when we move to get out of a chair, up from a squat etc.


We then moved on to stretching our quadriceps muscle –the muscle in front of the thigh – that was tough – we all felt a pull in a different area of our thighs and we had fun getting into the position that gave us the best stretch without irritating our backs. It was amazing just how much more stretch we had in the muscle after we had finished. This muscle is often tight because we sit for so long and if it is tight on one side then it can pull that side of the pelvis forwards and create imbalance in the lower spine when we move. This can lead to disc or joint problems.

Planks – well – that was a challenge – how difficult can pushing up on your elbow while keeping your body straight be? Very difficult in my case when, as I said, I am still deconditioned. All the walking I have done helped my leg strength but did little for my core – and  didn’t I know it when I was lying there shaking, trying to keep in the position!!


After one hour of effort and a lot of FUN – I felt so much looser, stronger and able to face the strains of the day. I can’t recommend this class highly enough – Heather is a true professional who knows her stuff and gives each person in her class her attention. You don’t feel like an idiot because you are not as capable as others – it is just a motivating and energising hour and I thoroughly recommend it.

Call Heather on 07717 188845 or email her for her times and days at heather@aerodynamicyoga.co.uk. or see her website for times and days www.aerodynamicyoga.co.uk