Can a Chiropractor in Southampton help you do gardening without pain?

Gardening is like any exercise; you need to warm up first there are a few basic rules to avoid back pain when you garden.

Warm Up First

Don’t go straight into heavy garden work, start off with lighter jobs first or do some stretching before you begin, this will reduce the chance of a muscle strain Don’t do stretches first – they can weaken muscles. You are better off to do some gently exercises that use your muscles in a way that is similar to the activity you are about to do. For example shoulder strengthening exercises if you are going to cut a hedge – but don’t forget the importance of core stability when you are using your shoulders..

Avoid twisting

If you have to use a ladder for any of your gardening tasks make sure you are always facing it.  Rather than lean or reach, take the time to move it regularly

When using the ladder, always keep your shoulders, hips and knees pointing in the same direction

Clever pruning

Get as close as possible to the things you are pruning; avoid overstretching to reach the area you are dealing with

Invest in some long handled secateurs to reach plants and bushes that are beyond normal reach

Take a break

Vary your activity; spend no more than 20-30 minutes on any thing and take regular breaks.  It is repetitive tasks that cause the problems

Be clever with your lifting

If lifting or laying slabs, rocks or sleepers, keep the load close to your body and bend your knees!

Remember it is better to get help lifting at home, than to get help out of the car when you are in too much pain because you have lifted badly.

Plan ahead

If you are planning a trip to the local garden centre or DIY store and buying heavy items, such as cement or gravel, buy smaller bags rather than one big bag as they are easier and safer to carry.


However, if you do overdo it with the trowel – don’t panic! A Chiropractor specializes in high quality individual care which will involve a thorough examination to establish what tissues you have injured and what is the best treatment to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. They use tailored rehabilitation protocols to complement chiropractic care so you can avoid the problem recurring when you go back into the garden.  Chiropractors are trained to assess the underlying causes of joint, muscle and nerve injuries and provide effective treatment using a wide range of drug-free techniques to relieve pain, restore movement and prevent further problems.

If you have overdone it in the garden then our team of experienced Southampton Chiropractors are here to help. Call us now to make an appointment to recieve high quality chiropractic care.