Acupuncture may help couples trying IVF to get pregnant – Acupuncturist in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic Talks about New Research


A recent study suggests that acupuncture may be offered as a possible method of improving IVF outcome.

Scientists at Homerton University Hospital in London studied 127 women aged between 23 and 43 on their first or second round of IVF. One group had four sessions of acupuncture with their IVF treatment and the other group had none.

In the group that had had acupuncture, 46.2% conceived, which was twice as many as in the other group where only 21.7% fell pregnant.

It is not known whether it was the acupuncture treatment that caused the difference or whether it was that more time was given to the women undergoing the acupuncture but it is worth considering trying a course of acupuncture if trying to become pregnant using IVF.

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