Chiropractors at the Avenue Clinic can also help show you ‘How to Beat Back Pain For Ever’!

A big two page spread in the Daily Mail today caught my eye – obviously – as it purports to help you to  ‘Beat back pain for ever’ – and I thought I might learn something new to pass on to you all. Imagine my disappointment – not at the content of the article which […]

Recent Advice for Sufferers of Cartilage Tears in the Knee from Chiropractors in Southampton at The Avenue Clinic

New research in the British Medical Journal compared a group of patients with torn knee meniscus (cartilage) who had an operation to repair the tear with another group who did a 12 week course of exercises to strengthen muscles around the knee. They found that pain reduced in the group who did not undergo the […]

Best New Advice For People with Osteoporosis – Chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic Advise You

  When you have osteoporosis you worry that you have ‘delicate bones’ and you need to be ‘careful’ … so you do less and less to ‘protect’ yourself from osteoporotic fractures.  You may walk and do aerobics and think that you are helping yourself but really this is not enough! You should be weightlifting, as […]

Acupuncture may help couples trying IVF to get pregnant – Acupuncturist in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic Talks about New Research

  A recent study suggests that acupuncture may be offered as a possible method of improving IVF outcome. Scientists at Homerton University Hospital in London studied 127 women aged between 23 and 43 on their first or second round of IVF. One group had four sessions of acupuncture with their IVF treatment and the other […]