Does Running or Going Upstairs Giving You Knee Pain? – Why and What Can You Do To Prevent It? Chiropractors in Southampton Help You.

  If when you run or walk you feel pain about 2 – 3 inches below the knee joint on the inside of the joint, it could well be bursitis. A bursa is a small fluid filled cushion that you have all over your body around joints, where muscles or tendons cross the joint. They […]

Running from the Feet Up – Starting With Your Big Toe  - Chiropractors in Southampton Review How To Run Well

  Running … most of us can run .. but do we do it properly?   If you want to take up running or if you get back or leg pain when you do try running let’s look at the potential causes of this pain.   Let’s start with your feet – in fact your […]

Advice For The Skiing Season From Dr Moore – Chiropractor in Southampton at The Avenue Clinic

  Dr Moore is going skiing soon and although she goes to the gym regularly, she realised that she needs to wake up muscles that she hasn’t used for a while to cope with the new demands on them. Remember – muscles are action specific! You need: Strong shoulders for pushing off with the ski […]

Pain in Your Low Back from Throwing a Ball … How Can That Be? Chiropractors in Southampton Explain How To Avoid It.

  SAFE THROWING Did you get a new puppy for Christmas and you need to start throwing balls or sticks for it … can there be a problem doing something this simple? If all you do all day is sit at a desk – maybe you should think about how you are going do so […]