Are You Off Camping This Summer …Chiropractors at the Avenue Clinic Give Some Helpful Tips

Camping without Tears When you arrive at your camping site, drive your car as close to your camping pitch as possible to avoid extra carrying. Don’t forget you have probably been driving for a while, which puts greater pressure on the back and it is not a good idea to leap out of the car and start […]

Gardening Doesn’t Need To Cause Back Pain – Chiropractors in Southampton Discuss How To Garden Painfree

SAFE GARDENING! Well, we’ve had a bit of rain but it is still Summer and the gardening season – which makes some of you happy and some of you slightly worried when you think of all of those back breaking tasks that we need to face at some point over the next few months. The […]

Get Your Children Ready For A New Term – Chiropractors in Southampton at The Avenue Clinic Tell You How

During the school holidays, you probably encourage your children to get out and run around rather than sitting hunched over a computer screen. However, if they just can’t be encouraged to do something sporty, at least you can get them up from time to time to do a few stretches and exercises between all that […]