In Pain? Our Trusted Team Of Southampton Chiropractors Are Here To Help YOU!

Back, neck and joint pain can seriously impact your life - from stopping you doing your job properly to you not being able to play sport or preventing you from enjoying playing with your children or grandchildren.

So many of our patients say that they wish they had come to see us sooner but they hadn’t realised how much relief they could get so quickly.

Helping you to overcome your pain and worries about the future is our main priority.

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How Our Chiropractors Help

Understanding and Overcoming Your Pain …

At Avenue Clinic, our team of experienced chiropractors in Southampton, understand the impact that pain can have on you and your life, having successfully treated many thousands of patients over the past 34 years. We will help you to understand that back pain does not need to be a major problem in your life, and with treatment your pain can be controlled to be just an irritation.

While our chiropractors are well known for treating back pain, they also help people deal with other problems including leg pain/tingling/numbness, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, knee pain, back pain during pregnancy.

Together we can overcome your pain and any concerns.

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Why Choose Us

Some of the reasons why patients say they choose Avenue Clinic:


Exceptional standard of care


Professional ethical care


Evidence based treatment & care


No unnecessary treatment​


Ongoing support during treatment​


Patient centred care


Short Notice Appointments


Convenient Location​​


Easy Parking​


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What Our Patients Are Saying


"I had sciatica and I googled the top 3 in Southampton and decided to go to this one as better reviews. On arrival very friendly staff and was seen on time maybe a bit earlier after 4 treatments just wow feel like a new man I’m 19 stone and I now can nearly touch the floor bending over...

Thank you."

T Penny


"I honestly couldn't even stand up and was in a lot of pain. So glad I went to this chiropractor, by the time I left I could stand up on my own and had the biggest smile on my face ever. Life saver. So grateful."

G Stockley


"I've been attending Avenue Clinic for over a year since I seized my back playing rugby. The problem was swiftly identified and fixed with any niggles I may be experiencing sorted as well. The staff are always friendly, welcoming and efficient."

M Hewton


"Fantastic experience here. 100% recommend!"

J Ellis



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In Pain? Looking for Help?

Our aim is to relieve you of your pain in as short a time as possible. Book your appointment now.

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A Convenient Location For You To Visit


Avenue Chiropractic Clinic is located at 76 Bedford Place in Southampton. We are just opposite Carlton Place and next door to Harington’s Hairdressers. We are a 10 minute walk from Southampton Central Railway Station and a two minute walk from the Civic Centre.

There are plenty of parking spaces 100 yards away in the Bedford Place Car Park (at the junction with Wilton Avenue) or there is on street parking in Henstead Road or just off Carlton Place. There is also a multi-storey car park just off Carlton Place – all parking is within 100 yards of the clinic.

Because we are so easy to get to, we treat people from Southampton and from further afield.

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