In Pain And Looking For Help?

Back, neck and joint pain can seriously impact your life - from stopping you doing your job properly to you not being able to play sport or preventing you from enjoying playing with your children or grandchildren.

So many of our patients say that they wish they had come to see us sooner but they hadn’t realised how much relief they could get so quickly.

Understanding and Ovecoming Your Pain …

At Avenue Clinic, our team of experienced chiropractors in Southampton, understand the impact that pain can have on you and your life, having successfully treated many thousands of patients over the past 34 years. We will help you to understand that back pain does not need to be a major problem in your life, and with treatment your pain can be controlled to be just an irritation. Together we can overcome your pain and any concerns.

“They are so professional and work magic here.” – Mrs C M. Southampton

Helping you to overcome your pain and worries about the future is our main priority.

10 Really Good Reasons To Choose Avenue Clinic, Chiropractors Southampton

  1. Your care will be exceptional
  2. Ongoing support during treatment
  3. Our patients tell us we exceed expectations
  4. Care is always professional and ethical
  5. No unnecessary treatment
  1. You will be educated to understand your problem
  2. Integrated care with your GP
  3. Newsletters to inspire good health
  4. Evidence based care
  5. We will always have time for you

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A Few Happy Patients ...

“My back pain problems have always been dealt with in a professional, calm and reassuring way in a very friendly clinic.”.. “I can’t recommend Dr Krir’s clinic too highly – do give it a try!” Mrs O Southampton

“Whenever a friend or acquaintance mentions a problem which I think chiropractic could help with I strongly recommend they “get in touch with Jan Krir”.”Mr  R L Southampton

“There is a holistic approach to therapy, with careful and on-going assessment, leading to an individualised care programme. “I can wholeheartedly recommend this Chiropractic Clinic and its staff.” Mrs M O’C Southamptonl

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