Why Choose Us?


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Martin Krir, Verity Moore and Antonia Bonagura

  • Your care will be exceptional because we have a commitment to high standards of excellence and deliver professional, ethical care in an environment where the patient is at the heart of everything we do
  • You will receive ongoing support throughout your programme of care as our treatment is always patient centred – we decide on a treatment regime after listening to what you – the patient – wants to achieve. We don’t just ‘leave you to get on with it’ but we check your exercises and progress every time you attend for treatment
  • We are regularly told that we have exceeded our patients’ expectations. We know this because we ask them regularly. This is because we are all passionate about the care we provide and how we provide it. We’re fiercely proud of our Clinic and the reputation it has in the community.
  • Care is professional and ethical as we constantly strive to learn, develop and adapt depending on the most recent, best quality research.
  • No unnecessary treatment because we will refer you on for further investigation if you are not improving with our care. Thus we ensure that we never treat you more than is absolutely necessary.


  • When you are educated to understand your problem, you then gain control over it and learn to cope better with any recurrences so we teach our patients as much as possible about the implications of their problem in their everyday lives so that they make take an active role in their health.
  • Integrated care means that we send letters to your GP along with the results of any tests, ultrasound or x-rays so that they are up to date with what has been happening to you and how you have responded to our care.
  • We send helpful Newsletters every 6 weeks either by email or post but of course if you would rather not receive this information just let reception know. We would love to hear from you regarding the content of any Newsletter or if you have any subjects that you would like us to include in a Newsletter that is of special interest to you.
  • Treatment and advice is evidence based as much as we can make it, as is the information and handy health tips we post on our Facebook page every week. We tweet advice on health issues or article links that we think you might find interesting for you to read and pass on to friends.
  • We make the time to call you to remind you if you have forgotten your appointment and we help your care by stocking ice packs, Flexall menthol painkilling rub and Therabands to help with your exercises. We can help you choose appropriate back or joint supports, arch supports etc all at competitive prices.