Migraines ... what are they and how can Chiropractic Help.

Migraines … what are they and how can Chiropractic Help.

What is a migraine? Migraine headaches are horrible! They are so variable in their presentation and even though they are classed as a headache – they actually affect your entire body as any of you who suffer with them will understand. Even when the headache has gone away, you can be left with a feeling […]

Why Should You Exercise - What are you Trying To Achieve?

Why Should You Exercise – What are you Trying To Achieve?

Why Should You Exercise – What are you Trying to Achieve? The newspapers have been full of advice again last week about the benefits of exercise for us all and how we really don’t need to do much to be more healthy but what are you exercising for? Did you read that the more you […]

Back Pain Myths and Facts  – Chiropractors at the Avenue Clinic in Southampton Enlighten You!

MYTHS You must sit up straight. Yes, it does help but any sitting for too long is not good for us. A good thing to do is to tilt your pelvis backwards and forwards gently while sitting – nobody knows you are doing it but you keep changing the way your back is curving, which […]

Chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic Tell You Why If You Are Stressed, You Need To Move Your Body – It Works!!

Why does moving the body help reduce stress? It seems that everyone these days tell s us that the best way to relieve stress is by ‘exercise’ or ‘yoga’ or doing some kind of activity… but have you ever wondered why that is so? Peter Strick, a professor and chair of the department of neurobiology […]

Chiropractors at the Avenue Clinic can also help show you ‘How to Beat Back Pain For Ever’!

A big two page spread in the Daily Mail today caught my eye – obviously – as it purports to help you to  ‘Beat back pain for ever’ – and I thought I might learn something new to pass on to you all. Imagine my disappointment – not at the content of the article which […]

Recent Advice for Sufferers of Cartilage Tears in the Knee from Chiropractors in Southampton at The Avenue Clinic

New research in the British Medical Journal compared a group of patients with torn knee meniscus (cartilage) who had an operation to repair the tear with another group who did a 12 week course of exercises to strengthen muscles around the knee. They found that pain reduced in the group who did not undergo the […]

SIMPLE WAYS TO REDUCE LOW BACK PAIN – An Occasional Series from Chiropractors in Southampton at the Avenue Clinic

  An occasional series of simple but effective things you can do to help yourself TRY WALKING BAREFOOT FOR JUST 20 MINUTES PER DAY!! The weather is getting warmer so why not help improve your low back stability by going for a 20 minute walk on the beach, on rough ground, on grass in the […]

Pain in Your Low Back from Throwing a Ball … How Can That Be? Chiropractors in Southampton Explain How To Avoid It.

  SAFE THROWING Did you get a new puppy for Christmas and you need to start throwing balls or sticks for it … can there be a problem doing something this simple? If all you do all day is sit at a desk – maybe you should think about how you are going do so […]

What Happens In Muscle Fatigue When You Exercise? Is It Your Muscles That Are Tired or Your Brain?! Chiropractors in Southampton Look at Recent Research.

  You are running or cycling and you become tired or fatigued – so much so that you just can’t keep going. Ever wondered why? Is it ‘lactic acid’ build up in the muscles? Is it just not enough muscle fibres? What IS happening to your body at that moment? Recent research in the Journal […]